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[OOC] HMD/Concrit

Here is my HMD post for Finn. Anon is enabled and I welcome any constructive criticism you might have for me.

If you'd prefer, you can also PM me.

Thanks! ♥


IC Contact Post

"Hey, this is Finn. Can't answer right now, leave a message and I'll call ya back."

[ call | text | photos | video ]

[RL with Kurt]

[ Finn pretty much knew the route to Rachel's house like the back of his hand, so it didn't take him long to locate Kurt, stopping by the curb to let him jump in the car and quickly turning down the radio as he did so, knowing Kurt wouldn't appreciate the loud rock music Finn had had blaring ]

Hey. You want the heating on? It's kinda cold out there.


[RL with Kurt]

[ the morning following this ]

[ that morning, Finn was feeling much happier than he had been the previous evening. Disappointment and frustration were still heavy clouds hanging over him, but his first time with Rachel had been...magical, and it had done wonders to make him feel better about everything. She'd left fairly early this morning, giving Finn time to quickly tidy the house so that when Kurt got home, it wouldn't be super obvious what had happened.

Satisifed he wouldn't be found out, Finn fixed himself a snack, sitting at the kitchen counter to eat it ]

[RL with Rachel(s)]

[ leaving Kurt to deal with his past and future selves, Finn jumped in his car and made his way over to Rachel's, admittedly with slightly less haste than usual. He could do this, right? He'd helped babysit Puck's sister a million times and she pretty much loved him, surely he could find ways to keep a mini-Rachel entertained for a few hours...? ]

Aug. 19th, 2011

So waking up and finding cake next to my bed is pretty much the best thing ever. Is it someone's birthday? I thought Kurt made it for me but he had one too (until about ten minutes ago, anyway) and didn't know where it came from either. We figured it's a comm thing, so whoever sent it out, please tell him it's not poisoned and I'm not gonna like, drop dead at any second. Because he's totally paranoid.

[RL with Rachel]

[ Finn pulls up outside Rachel's house, turning off the engine but sitting there a bit longer than necessary. He's not really sure what sort of mood Rachel's going to be in now; she sounded okay in her texts but then, it was always hard to tell for sure how someone was feeling over texts. He really doesn't want to get his head bitten off again.

Taking a deep breath, he grabs the chocolate - and the donuts he got for himself in case he got hungry - and climbs out the car, locking it behind him before making his way up the path to knock on Rachel's door ]


[Fail private]

Hey, dad. I guess it's been a while, sorry about that. I've been kinda busy the past few weeks, what with Nationals and finals and everything. I studied really hard this year so hopefully I'll get good grades in all my subjects, even Spanish.

New York was awesome! It still feels a little unreal, like I can't believe I was actually there. Even the hotel was cool - it was huge, I swear our house could have fit in it like fifty times. Our old house, I mean. We didn't get much time for sightseeing 'cause we had to write our songs (which were awesome, by the way. I wish you were here so you could hear them), but we went out for a bit to get some inspiration, and I got this cool little snow globe which has the city skyline. Do you think even places where it doesn't snow sell snow globes? 'cause that would be a bit weird.

So, yeah. It was great being in New York City, even if the competition didn't go too well. I mean, we performed well, our songs were really good and I didn't mess up the dance steps too badly, but uh. I kinda did something stupid and embarrassing and we ended up not even placing. Again. But no one's really blaming me (at least, not to my face), so I guess it's okay. I was so scared everyone would hate me, I mean, we worked so hard to get there and then I blew it. But Mr. Schue and Rachel said not to dwell on it 'cause being mad at myself won't change anything. Plus I got Rachel back! (Oh...I broke up with Quinn a couple weeks back. I probably should have mentioned that before. Part of me didn't want to, but I just didn't feel the connection with her the same anymore. I do still love her, but not as much as I love Rachel.) She says it's only 'til we graduate 'cause she's planning on moving to New York for college, but we'll see.

Anyway, that's about it. I have to drive Rachel to rehearsal later but mom has the afternoon off and we're gonna go to the cemetery to bring flowers and stuff. Happy Father's Day.

Mar. 29th, 2011

So uh. I just caught Slushie chewing on some DVD case.

Kurt, I...think it must be yours. I put it in your room for you. In the bottom drawer of your dresser. Underneath all your crap so no one'll find it accidentally.

[[ So Eames sent Kurt some QAF DVDs to *~educate*~ him, and Slushie somehow got hold of them. And because he was curious as to what it was, Finn ended up watching part of an episode and is now traumatized, thinking he found Kurt's porn collection or something :|b ]
I feel like crap.

Hate you, Santana.